How to Sell at a Lingerie Party

How to Sell at a Lingerie Party

   As a sexy lingerie manufacturer, we would like to tell you some idea on how to sell sexy lingerie in a Party. Many entrepreneurs are now embracing the home “sales party” concept to sell lingerie and other racy items. Lingerie parties are today’s grown-up version of the girls’ slumber party. Whether you organize lingerie parties as a business venture or for a one-time event like a bridal shower or bachelorette party, here’s how you can choose sexy lingerie that sell and rake in money as you have fun!
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
1. Step 1
Take your attendees’ tastes and backgrounds into consideration. College girls may go for more colorful and revealing lingerie, while professional women might prefer classy, sensual negligees. If you’re throwing a unisex or couples party, include sexy boxer shorts for the guys!
2. Step 2
Talk with your consultant if you’re using a professional party company. Lingerie party planners have special kits that include lingerie and other items for sale at a discount.
3. Step 3
Check stores and Web sites like if you’re organizing the party on your own. Great deals on thongs and sexy panties are plentiful. Some specialty stores even have unique “grab-bags” of bras and sexy underwear.
4. Step 4
Organize games or have models or attendees wear the sexy apparel. Lingerie obviously doesn’t require a “hard” sell, but getting creative will inspire party-goers to buy more.
5. Step 5
Learn a bit about fabrics, care and fit options so you can answer your guests’ questions. Then unwind and have a blast. Lingerie is as much fun to show, tell and sell as it is to wear!

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