Our men’s lingerie brand–boxing boy

    A brand is the personality of a product. Since our sexy lingerie has been becoming so popular in recent years in the global market, we, as the sexy lingerie manufacturer, have expanded our variety of products,such as costume wigs,stockings and men’s lingerie to meet our customers’ need.To distingish  the different products we manufacture, we decide to use different brands for the products to avoid confusing.From now on, we will use Beauty’s Love for the lingerie, stockings and costume, Boxing Boy for men’s lingerie.   Beauty’s Love is our major brand name of sexy lingerie, Halloween Costume, and stockings.
  Boxing boy is a part of Beauty’s Love Sexy Lingerie Co.,Ltd. It will be the new brand name of men’s lingerie.


    Quality is the vital ingredient of a good brand. We will continue to provide our cutomers with good quality and low price products as well as the excellent service.We promise to make the best lingerie in China and become the best lingerie manufacturer in the world.  
   Welcome to visit our web site and company at any time.  If you want to know more about our new brand Boxing Boy, do not hesitate to ask us.>>
   Please see the following registration certificate of trademark of BEAUTY’S LOVE issued by Trademark Office of State Administration for Industry & Commerce of the People’s Republic of China.



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