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Our Plus Size sexy lingerie Model

Joanna, Our  Plus size sexy lingerie model. She is young,fat, but she is beautiful. I am sure you will like her if you look at her for longer time because she is so sexy. She helps us to take about 30 styles in sexy lingerie and adult costumes.
You will like our plus size lingerie also. You know they make you look also sexy and attractive!
Beauty’s Love Sexy Lingerie Offer OEM order of Plus Size sexy lingerie if you supply us your photos or samples. Please get more information by email us at


Where to buy beauty’s love sexy lingerie

Where to buy beauty’s love sexy lingerie?


Please Find the following agent of Beauty”s Love Lingerie Co., Ltd in the world:

Add: ZAE de l’autodrome  11.Rue des hauts Chupins 91310 LINAS.France
Contact: Mr Buttafoco Jean-Christophe
Tel: +0033 677474158
Australia Website:
Add:P.O. Box 4339 North Rocks 2151 Australia Contact:Doug & Yoice Cotton Tel:+612 98733300
Add: Shop 1/415 Lygon ST Brunswick East
Melbourne, Vic 3057 Australia
Contact:Andri Skourou Tel: +61 401 607 819
Add: Atixo-Kuflewski & Mayer GbR,
Am Rotböll 2, 64331 Weiterstadt, Germany.
Contact :Sarah Kuflewski
Tel : + 49(0) 6150/9790-100     
 Fax: + 49(0) 6150/9790-198
Add: Floor 1,No. 159,Xinsheng Road.Dali Zone,Daizhong  City,Taiwan
Contact: Chen yan     Tel: + 886-3-4633727

Feedback from our Global Customers

  • Feedback from our Global CustomersFeedback to Beauty’s Love sexy lingerie:

    1. Yes, I received my order, Thank you. I am happy with the service and quality you have given me. I will be happy to order more items from you. Hope you have a happy day! I will be ordering some more in the next few days.

    —–Thanks from Stephen Australia 2012-04-07

    2. I wish you and your family happy new year. Looking forward to a successfull 2013 with the help of yourself and your company. Thank you very much. Grear service and I am very happy with the order.

    —— Jose from USA 2012-05-20

    3. Thank you for even faster reply! It is always a pleasure dealing with both you and Beauty”s Love. Just to let you know that our order has arrived. We are very pleased with our order and would like to thank you and everyone else at Beauty”s Love for all your help.

    —— Andy from U.K 2012-07-19

    4. Just wanted to get in touch with you. I received the pacage. The goods are perfect! I would like to thank you for your great service and coorporation. Thanks! Hopefully I sell the items fast so I can order again.

    —— Annick from USA 2012-08-08

    5. I have got my goods a few days before. Thanks for this first deal. I am very satisfied with the quality and your service, will definitely do business with you again in the future.

    —— Ida Riffel from Germany 2012-10-10

    6. Our customers do like the lace gloves you sell ie. 9051 and 9052. They are great ! We appreciated with your great service and fast delivery. Thank you for your help. And we always enjoy working with you!

    —— A&J from Australia 2012-10-25

    To be continued>>Beauty’s Love Sexy Lingerie Co.,Ltd.

Legwarmer a new fad

Leg warmers were originally worn by dancers to keep their muscles from cramping after stretching. But in the early 1980s, legwarmers became a fad and wearing them was fashionable among teenage girls. The popularity was partly due to the influence of the films Fame and Flashdance and the concurrent aerobics craze. They were worn with leggings, jeans, and tights or as part of aerobic wear. Traditionally knitted from pure wool, legwarmers are more typically made of cotton,synthetic fibers or both. Some are made of other materials, such as faux fur. Other legwarmers are made of wool, camel hair and old sheep dog hair. So there are different prices in the current market. Now Beauty’s Love Sexy Lingerie company has launched a serial of new legwarmers for all girls reference. Hope all girls will take this chance to show your beauty in winter season. We are always sincere to provide you with cheap price and good quality products.

Christmas Lingerie

Christmas Lingerie from
The greatest part about Christmas is the joy in giving. Why not take some time to let go of the stress of the holiday season and give your man a gift he will remember.
A popular Christmas lingerie item this season is 2 PC Santa’s Sweet Heart.Includes Halter Top With Bow Detail & Skirt With Built-In Petticoat.

Any women love how the costume look on them, and can’t wait to wear it for that special night.
Another sure fire hit this holiday season is the 2Pc Santa’s Babydoll Set.

If these don’t suit you, how about a red slit front lace trimmed dress? I’m sure that any of these Christmas lingerie items will help make your holiday season a happy one.
Whether it is a red and white fur-trimmed Santa outfit or a Flirtatious Velvet Santa’s Helper or even a red strap gem dress, the lingerie item you choose is sure to be a success.
Giving the gift of Christmas lingerie let’s your partner know that all you want for Christmas is them.
Reward him for being a good boy all year by picking up some sexy lingerie from and let him do the unwrapping!
It might be cold outside, but there’s no reason why you can’t turn up the heat in the bedroom.
Choose anyone you like and wear it on. You will be the most sexiest lady on that unforgetable night!

Our CEO biography

Our CEO biography.

Stone lu, as a general manager of Beauty’s Love Sexy Lingerie Co., Ltd.has developed a famous brand of sexy lingerie, that is beauty’s love, which is a registered trade mark not only in China, but also worldwide.
Through his vision and hard work, Stone helped build Beauty’s love into a company with sales more than 350,000 USD in 2011. They have more than 5 factories in all now. The biggest factory in Huzhen Town is more than 10000 square meters with 3 producing lines and 120 workers.Their customers are mostly from the internet around the world, including Obsessive from Poland,Spicylingerie from USA,Shocking princess and Yoba from France, Caprice from Russia and Sakepa from Brazil.Last year they have more than 1000 customers in all.Most of them are from Europe, USA, Australia and China.His customers are all his friends because he helped them to make money, he also taught them how to do business better. In this way, all of them can grow together and have a double-win result.
Stone graduated from Zhejiang Normal University in 1987. He has been a good English teacher for 15 years, but he stopped teaching in 2002 and founded beauty’s love lingerie Co.,Ltd with his wife,Lucy. Lucy is in charge of production department and purchasing jobs.Their modern management, esp the team building experience is honored in Yiwu City underwear industy.That is why his factory is the most beautiful and well organized in Houzhai industrial Zone.
Stone is a good boss who is loved by his employers, because he always help them when they need help.He spent a lot of money and time to improve the workers’ living condition. Some of the poor workers in his company can get free food too.
In 2012, he finished the training courses of internet sales,and wants to enlarge his business because he is an expert in internet sales now.He will try to make all his business in the internet more quicker and safer.He is positive that their company sale will double this year.He has a large dreamof his company.
Stone can always do better only if he wants to do that. He is full of passion everyday and work for more than 12 hours in a day.
He is not only a boss, but also a leader in the industry he engaged in.

Guangzhou Autumn Fair

Guangzhou  Autumn Fair. 
    The CCTV, China most popular and authoratitive TV station reported that Guangzhou Autumn Fair this year is more worse than expected. Especially the foreign customers’ quantity is 10 % less than last year.
   This data indicates that the economy next year will not be good, or even worse than we expect. But on the other hand, we can expect that more customers will buy from the internet which is more easier,quicker and convenient. We hope that our retail business on our sexy lingerie website, dhgate, and aliexpress next year will be better than or double this year.Because the sales trend shows that people purchasing habit changes a lot while the internet influence is everywhere.
  It is bad news, but also good news. It all depends on how you read it!