Our CEO biography

Our CEO biography.

Stone lu, as a general manager of Beauty’s Love Sexy Lingerie Co., Ltd.has developed a famous brand of sexy lingerie, that is beauty’s love, which is a registered trade mark not only in China, but also worldwide.
Through his vision and hard work, Stone helped build Beauty’s love into a company with sales more than 350,000 USD in 2011. They have more than 5 factories in all now. The biggest factory in Huzhen Town is more than 10000 square meters with 3 producing lines and 120 workers.Their customers are mostly from the internet around the world, including Obsessive from Poland,Spicylingerie from USA,Shocking princess and Yoba from France, Caprice from Russia and Sakepa from Brazil.Last year they have more than 1000 customers in all.Most of them are from Europe, USA, Australia and China.His customers are all his friends because he helped them to make money, he also taught them how to do business better. In this way, all of them can grow together and have a double-win result.
Stone graduated from Zhejiang Normal University in 1987. He has been a good English teacher for 15 years, but he stopped teaching in 2002 and founded beauty’s love lingerie Co.,Ltd with his wife,Lucy. Lucy is in charge of production department and purchasing jobs.Their modern management, esp the team building experience is honored in Yiwu City underwear industy.That is why his factory is the most beautiful and well organized in Houzhai industrial Zone.
Stone is a good boss who is loved by his employers, because he always help them when they need help.He spent a lot of money and time to improve the workers’ living condition. Some of the poor workers in his company can get free food too.
In 2012, he finished the training courses of internet sales,and wants to enlarge his business because he is an expert in internet sales now.He will try to make all his business in the internet more quicker and safer.He is positive that their company sale will double this year.He has a large dreamof his company.
Stone can always do better only if he wants to do that. He is full of passion everyday and work for more than 12 hours in a day.
He is not only a boss, but also a leader in the industry he engaged in.


Guangzhou Autumn Fair

Guangzhou  Autumn Fair. 
    The CCTV, China most popular and authoratitive TV station reported that Guangzhou Autumn Fair this year is more worse than expected. Especially the foreign customers’ quantity is 10 % less than last year.
   This data indicates that the economy next year will not be good, or even worse than we expect. But on the other hand, we can expect that more customers will buy from the internet which is more easier,quicker and convenient. We hope that our retail business on our sexy lingerie website, dhgate, and aliexpress next year will be better than or double this year.Because the sales trend shows that people purchasing habit changes a lot while the internet influence is everywhere.
  It is bad news, but also good news. It all depends on how you read it! 

Sexy Lingerie Factory in Yiwu city China

Sexy lingerie factory in China

   Our company has 5 sexy lingerie factories in all, more than 100 experienced sewing workers. Our production capacity is more than 50000 sets one month. The headquarter’s factory is in Yiwu city, Our factory building is more than 5000 square meters, the warehouse is more than 900 square meters, the exhibition hall is more than 30 square meters.

          Factory Gate                                                      Textile Stockroom
      Cutting Machine                                                   Accessory Stockroom
          Sewing Deparment                                                 Dining Room

Brazil Order of Sexy Adult Costumes Finally Delivered

Brazil order of Adult costumes are finally delivered.

We, as a sexy costumes manufacturer, have been working with Brazil customer for more than 2 years. We are always happy with our cooperation.

Their order is large and every item quantity is normally big, at least more than 500 pcs. That is why our sewing workers like their orders so much, because they can make costumes quickly and finally make more money easily.

Yesterday, all of their sexy costumes order of 280 cartons are finally delivered. We can relax a little after so much hard work.

We are ready to accept any other costume order if you can supply us your samples or just an image and design photos. We are an expirenced manufacturer of sexy lingerie and costumes for more than 10 years in China. Hope to help you and work with you if you want to make sexy lingerie with your own brand.


Our email is sales@beautyslove.com  or Call at +0086-579-85407002  Contact: Stone lyu

Our Super Model for sexy lingerie, Monica

  • Our Super Model for 2012 sexy lingerie collection
    This year our new collection of 2012 sexy lingerie is ready.
    We feel honored to have our special super model MONICA to work again with us. This is her fifth time to be our model. We are sure that her beauty and elegance will attract more customers for us.
    Many thanks for her insistant support and professional work for us.
  • Monica is always the sexiest and most charming lady when she wears our sexy lingerie and stands in front of the camera.Every man could not resist her temptation as soon as he sees her in the photos.
  • As a manufacturer of sexy lingerie, we are lucky to know Monica and work with her for such a long time.
    Good Luck always to our sexy lingerie model, Monica!

Our men’s lingerie brand–boxing boy

    A brand is the personality of a product. Since our sexy lingerie has been becoming so popular in recent years in the global market, we, as the sexy lingerie manufacturer, have expanded our variety of products,such as costume wigs,stockings and men’s lingerie to meet our customers’ need.To distingish  the different products we manufacture, we decide to use different brands for the products to avoid confusing.From now on, we will use Beauty’s Love for the lingerie, stockings and costume, Boxing Boy for men’s lingerie.   Beauty’s Love is our major brand name of sexy lingerie, Halloween Costume, and stockings.
  Boxing boy is a part of Beauty’s Love Sexy Lingerie Co.,Ltd. It will be the new brand name of men’s lingerie.


    Quality is the vital ingredient of a good brand. We will continue to provide our cutomers with good quality and low price products as well as the excellent service.We promise to make the best lingerie in China and become the best lingerie manufacturer in the world.  
   Welcome to visit our web site and company at any time.  If you want to know more about our new brand Boxing Boy, do not hesitate to ask us.>>
   Please see the following registration certificate of trademark of BEAUTY’S LOVE issued by Trademark Office of State Administration for Industry & Commerce of the People’s Republic of China.