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Feedback from our Global Customers

  • Feedback from our Global CustomersFeedback to Beauty’s Love sexy lingerie:

    1. Yes, I received my order, Thank you. I am happy with the service and quality you have given me. I will be happy to order more items from you. Hope you have a happy day! I will be ordering some more in the next few days.

    —–Thanks from Stephen Australia 2012-04-07

    2. I wish you and your family happy new year. Looking forward to a successfull 2013 with the help of yourself and your company. Thank you very much. Grear service and I am very happy with the order.

    —— Jose from USA 2012-05-20

    3. Thank you for even faster reply! It is always a pleasure dealing with both you and Beauty”s Love. Just to let you know that our order has arrived. We are very pleased with our order and would like to thank you and everyone else at Beauty”s Love for all your help.

    —— Andy from U.K 2012-07-19

    4. Just wanted to get in touch with you. I received the pacage. The goods are perfect! I would like to thank you for your great service and coorporation. Thanks! Hopefully I sell the items fast so I can order again.

    —— Annick from USA 2012-08-08

    5. I have got my goods a few days before. Thanks for this first deal. I am very satisfied with the quality and your service, will definitely do business with you again in the future.

    —— Ida Riffel from Germany 2012-10-10

    6. Our customers do like the lace gloves you sell ie. 9051 and 9052. They are great ! We appreciated with your great service and fast delivery. Thank you for your help. And we always enjoy working with you!

    —— A&J from Australia 2012-10-25

    To be continued>>Beauty’s Love Sexy Lingerie Co.,Ltd.


How to Sell at a Lingerie Party

How to Sell at a Lingerie Party

   As a sexy lingerie manufacturer, we would like to tell you some idea on how to sell sexy lingerie in a Party. Many entrepreneurs are now embracing the home “sales party” concept to sell lingerie and other racy items. Lingerie parties are today’s grown-up version of the girls’ slumber party. Whether you organize lingerie parties as a business venture or for a one-time event like a bridal shower or bachelorette party, here’s how you can choose sexy lingerie that sell and rake in money as you have fun!
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
1. Step 1
Take your attendees’ tastes and backgrounds into consideration. College girls may go for more colorful and revealing lingerie, while professional women might prefer classy, sensual negligees. If you’re throwing a unisex or couples party, include sexy boxer shorts for the guys!
2. Step 2
Talk with your consultant if you’re using a professional party company. Lingerie party planners have special kits that include lingerie and other items for sale at a discount.
3. Step 3
Check stores and Web sites like beautyslove.com if you’re organizing the party on your own. Great deals on thongs and sexy panties are plentiful. Some specialty stores even have unique “grab-bags” of bras and sexy underwear.
4. Step 4
Organize games or have models or attendees wear the sexy apparel. Lingerie obviously doesn’t require a “hard” sell, but getting creative will inspire party-goers to buy more.
5. Step 5
Learn a bit about fabrics, care and fit options so you can answer your guests’ questions. Then unwind and have a blast. Lingerie is as much fun to show, tell and sell as it is to wear!